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The Easy Way to Get Sparkling Granite and Stone Countertops!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rock-it Oil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
*This is a sponsored post from IZEA for Rock-it Oil Stone. I was compensated for my time, but the opinions and clever quips are all mine.

Hey-O! I've been super busy with the holidays and the short break between Thanksgiving and Christmas has given me time to do a little deep cleaning. I got the opportunity to try a new product that I had never heard of and I am so glad I finally did!
Every Thanksgiving Eve, my Mom and I get together, watch old Christmas movies, and bake cookies and desserts for the big day. It's fun to spend the time together while accomplishing a big part of the holiday food so we can focus on gravy and mashed potatoes the following day.
By the time the holiday is over, the kitchen is pretty much thrashed and needs a thorough cleaning. A couple of years ago, my mother remodeled her kitchen, adding beautiful granite countertops and a slate tile backsplash (grout job by Moi). I love how it turned out, but there has been a bit of a learning curve in caring for the new materials.
Granite stone is porous and while it is a rock-hard slab, it requires gentle care. You can't use abrasive cleaners that will destroy the surface and wear the polish and you definitely need to make sure your cleaning supplies are safe for people as the stone can absorb what is left on the surface into those tiny pores.
I went to Home Depot and picked up a can of Rock-it Oil Stone. It was in the cleaning aisle and is currently on sale for $5.97! The manufacturer recommends using a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the surface after spraying, so keep one of those handy too.
Next, I called my mom and asked if I could come over and clean her kitchen counters.
I think it was the first time my mom was speechless on the phone. Finally, after all those years of arguing over chores, I was ASKING her if I could clean...whaaa?! Well, Mom, some of us are late bloomers.
With Thanksgiving in the dust and Christmas about to creep in, things were looking a little shabby.
My mom is like me. A lover of clutter....and beneath the toaster and all the randomness, the counters were definitely due for a deep clean:
Exhibit 1.
The countertops were looking a little dull, aside from the crumbs and who-knows-what, they just lacked luster.
Exhibit 2.
I know. That's gross. Now in her defense, my mom lives out of city limits and her house is on a well. She has some serious hard water and the faucet gets heavy mineral deposits from daily use. Underneath the soap dispensers, scrub brush, drain plugs, lotion bottles, and whatever else was along that sink edge, there were some NASTY hard water stains hiding beneath.
Now sure, I could throw some flour on the counter and show you just how well this cleaner takes care of a "mess," but I wanted to put Rock-it Oil to the test!
I gave all of the surfaces a good spray. I Let them soak for a few minutes. Then wiped the surface with a microfiber cloth.
We had a total Tom Sawyer moment because my daughter saw how much fun I was having cleaning and wanted to join in. I love it when that happens!
So here is what I noticed about Rock-it Oil for Stone right away:
  • It is a foam spray and I LOVE foam cleaners. There is something "magic" about foam cleaners. I feel like they just do a much better job in general. I love the way foam clings to things instead of just running down the wall. I also like how you can see where you have sprayed for even coverage.
  • There were stains coming up that I couldn't even see. Yes, I know granite does an excellent job of camoflauging stains due to the natural variance in the stone, but before cleaning, I gave everything a good inspection and thought the surface looked pretty good. There were coffee rings coming out of nowhere!
  • Absolutely odorless. This product says on the can "No odor," but generally, when I read things like that, I always think it's some kind of fragrance-free alcohol type of scent that still smells like something- this smells like nothing. If you could bottle the scent of nothing and spray it out of a can, this is it. Not even a hint of alcohol or any strange vapor to gag on. Which leads me to my next observation...
  • Totally safe for kids. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Environmentally friendly. Food-safe. What's not to love about that? My 4 year-old was polishing that countertop something fierce too.
  • It's not greasy. It's called Rockit OIL, so I assumed there might be some sort of oily grease factor to it. Nope. Not only was it not greasy, but after I wiped everything down, there was no film at all and no streaks. Not trusting this one, I grabbed a dark towel and wiped over the dried surface, sure there would be some sort of film or residue. Nothing. Clean as a whistle and nice and shiny!
  • It's got Nano-Science! This is specially formulated to clean deep down into those porous stone surfaces. Not only is it cool to say, but you can see it in action.
Are you ready for the results?
Boom. This is the slate backsplash, "Before and After." Notice the shininess. I photographed the "after" when things were dry because, you know, if you get slate wet it looks instantly more vibrant. It's not a full "wet look," but it definitely brings out the iridescent sheen in the slate.
Okay, for the gnarliest sink area you have every seen, I must say I was impressed! The can says to use a non-abrasive sponge for scrubbing, so that's what I did. A little elbow grease and a long conversation with my mom, and here's what I got:
I really wasn't expecting this type of an "after." For a product that has no odor and doesn't require gloves to use, I couldn't believe how well it removed all of those stains. And since Rock-it Oil for Stone is also safe on metal and plastics, I just kept scrubbing.
Do you know what is even more amazing? Rockit Oil is having a Giveaway! This Contest runs through December 31st, and the winner will be announced on January 5th. You can enter to win $2,000 toward a kitchen upgrade! Think of all the granite you can buy!!

Rock-it Oil Stone Giveaway - Upgrade your Kitchen with $2000!

And one more close-up of the granite:
The sparkles don't lie.
If you are looking for something to tackle all of the stone surfaces in your home, check out this stuff! It took two Home Depot associates to find it, so like any treasure that is buried deep, it is worth digging for!
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